Don’t you just hate it when you drain is clogged?

Don’t you just hate it when you drain is clogged? The first thing that happens is usually a state of panic. The level of panic depends on how you discover the clogged drain. If you get an enormous backwash of yucky drain water in your den or basement, then the urgency is immediately elevated. However, when you get over that initial surge of panic, then you can start taking steps to alleviate the problem.

Stop Running Water. This may seem like a no brainer, but if you have a washer or dish washer running, then that appliance doesn’t realize this fact. If you live in an apartment building and you reside in the bottom apartment, then you will have to notify your neighbors. Hopefully, they will work with you and you will certainly need to call your landlord to help you with this.

Clean Up Immediately. Most people will do this by instinct. If not, you need to realize the health factors here. Not only do you need to clean up, you will also need to disinfect.

Determine The Clog’s Location. This is the fun part. But if you exercise a little common sense, you will be able to figure this out. In most cases, EVERY drain in your home will empty into the main line (or sewer line). The only exception is for those living in the country. Often times, their wash water will drain into its own leeching bed.

Logic should tell you that if your main line is clogged, then everything will cause a backup. And the backup will occur at the lowest point in your home. For instance, it is quite common for a flushed toilet to back up in the bathtub. This is a main line clog. If your toilet overflows without water coming up anywhere else, then only that toilet is clogged. If your wash water backs up in your downstairs shower, then either the main line is clogged, or a secondary line that the shower and washer share is clogged.

Do you see how this all works? The important thing about figuring out the location of your clog is that you will be able to determine what you can and cannot use until the clog is cleared. So now when it is “drain clogged”, you will have some idea of what actions you should take.

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