Simple steps to fix the toilet that does not drain water

Having a toilet with a draining problem can be frustrating as most people worry about the cost of service. Many people have come with the problem of a slow draining tub. They can fix this issue if they follow the guidelines offered by a service provider. Here is a free guide for people to fix the toilet on their own. Through this guide they can come to know the part that is broken or causing the problem. Some toilet models use a check valve in the drain sump. There will be a piston and nut within this valve. If the assembly of piston and nut is not properly done, this could prevent water from draining. People have to make sure these two parts move freely in both the upward and downward direction. They must also check the valve gasket and ensure if it is fitted over the threaded area of the piston. If it is damaged or worn, replace the valve gasket. 

All models of toilet will follow a method for draining water. Most toilet models will use a single motor pump with 2 individual compartments for drain and circulation. Some other models may have separate pumps for drain and circulation. On toilet models with individual pumps people must check if there is an obstruction to any of the input or output valves of the pump. Another step to fix the issue is checking the valve flapper. There are some toilet models using a check value at the drain outlet. This valve is used for allowing water to stream in a direction but it will prevent the waste water from entering the toilet . Usually, this valve will be a rubber flapper located on the drain pump’s outlet. If you find this value has a restriction to drain water or find the dirty water flowing back through this valve, you have to check this valve as it could be the major cause of the problem. 

There are some older toilet models with belt driven pumps. This could be the cause if the belt is slipping or comes off. If it happens, the toilet will fail to drain waste water properly. So, people who use these models should inspect the signs of wear in the belt and replace them if needed. A mechanical timer is used in some toilets for operating the cycles. It controls the pumping motor and the drain solenoid. People using this toilet model can find the timer with the help of a wiring diagram. If they find any defect with the timer, they have to replace it with a new one. Some other parts that could be the cause of drainage problems in the toilet include the drain hose and the waste hose. People who find it difficult to fix the draining problem can hire a professional who can fix the problem within a few minutes for a very fair price. The service providers are skilled in handling the electronic machines. They easily find the cause of the problem and fix it in few simple steps. 

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