The Toilet is a wonderful invention and kitchen appliance that makes life just a little easier

Toilet Won’t Drain – The Toilet is a wonderful invention and kitchen appliance that makes life just a little easier, until all of a sudden the toilet won’t drain the water and you are effectively left with a flooded toilet. As with any electrical appliance that we become dependent on, it is very frustrating as it the cause is not always obvious. However, before you go looking for someone to visit your home to perform a toilet repair it is wise to try and identify what the toilet problems might be yourself.

Discovering toilet problems

There are many things that can go wrong and be the cause of a flooded toilet and by adopting a simple step-by-step approach you can narrow down the root cause and find out why your toilet won’t drain. The first step should be to check the electrics – most toilet units have a power on indicator light, if this is showing as “on”, then this is not the problem, what do you do now? Here is a list of common toilet problems in a logical sequence so you can eliminate the potential reasons as to why the toilet won’t drain.

•    Check the external drainage system – Somewhere between your kitchen and the main water relief system, somewhere on your property, there will be a small inspection chamber where you can open the cover and check it is not full of water. If it is full of water, clear it and train to drain the toilet again.

•    Check the connecting hose – If your toilet hose is connected to your internal plumbing you need to carefully detach it from the system, place a large bowl or bucket under the connection point and remove the hose. If no water is released you can replace the pipe. If some water does come out, the “downstream” waste water pipes may be blocked.

If neither of the above two produces a result, then you have isolated the toilet problems to the toilet itself.

Machine based problems that mean a toilet won’t drain.

One of the most common causes of a flooded toilet is the actual drainage from the toilet . There is a mesh that is placed over the outlet pipe and this can get clogged with bits of food that have been left on the plates etc.

Another, but less common cause is the pump may have broken down, in which case you will need to get someone to visit to undertake a toilet repair.

Fixing a toilet that won’t drain

toilet won’t drain how to I fix it

toilet won’t drain how to I fix it

Your toilet won’t drain, how can you fix it? This is a common question that arises and it is one of the common toilet problems. In all probability the root cause is something simple but no less frustrating. If you can establish that the toilet problems are related directly to the toilet and not the electrical connection or external waste water drain it is possible to drain a flooded toilet manually and hopefully avoid any toilet repair bills.

Here are the steps to take to manually drain a flooded toilet 

•    The first step and most importantly is to disconnect the power source to isolate the toilet and prevent any possibility of an electric shock.

•    Leave the toilet for at least 15-20 minutes so that the hot water inside has a chance to cool down. The last thing you want is scalding hot water pouring out of your flooded toilet and on to your arms or legs, even worse a Childs! If you think the water is still too hot after this time, leave it longer until you are happy that the temperature is low enough to deal with.

•    Place towels all around (where possible) the flooded toilet unit and perhaps have a mop and bucket on standby depending on how much water you are expecting to be released.

•    Open the door and let the water spill from the toilet .

•    Once the water has stopped pouring from the toilet you can pull out the lower toilet rack and remove any toilet that is inside the rack. Once the rack is empty, put it to one side and out of the way.

•    Remove any remaining water inside the toilet by scooping it out with a plastic cup, followed by mopping up any further traces of water with a sponge.

Having completed these steps you still need to identify what the toilet problems were in the first place. The chances are it was the outlet drain that’s clogged up with bits of food from the plates, bowls and cutlery. On top of the outlet there is usually a small mesh basket that is included to catch such items, check this, clean it thoroughly and replace.

You can now run the toilet again to check that it does drain properly before you use it for actually washing your toilet again.

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