Things to do when a toilet does not drain properly 

Many users of the latest toilet get different benefits in recent times. However, they get a few problems like poor draining issues and ever-increasing maintenance. You may have noticed or heard someone say that slow draining tub before now. If you experience this difficulty today, then you can fix this toilet problem easily. You can listen to the following details and get the best guidance about how to fix the toilet that does not drain.

Know the main causes  

There are many reasons behind the water remaining in the toilet unit’s bottom.  The foremost reason is a block in the sump or drainage basket of the toilet . This block may be caused by food particles.  Once you have planned to fix this simple yet serious problem on your own, you have to be focused on different issues in detail. 

You have to turn the power off soon after you have planned to work on a toilet . The next step is to clean the drain basket located around the revolving spray arm’s lower side or off to the food debris’ side. You have to identify whether you can unclog the clog in this area by straitening a wire coat hanger and then poking it through the mesh. You can also remove the basket in a proper way and access the sump located below. Do not forget to unscrew each nut in a proper way carefully. You can clean the sump and make it dry gradually.

Check the waste hose 

Some people do not check the waste hose when they ensure that a slow draining tub is in their mind. They have to check this waste hose and unblock blockages if any. They have to also check the waste hose in every part, in particular the backside of the toilet . This is because there may be any part that stops the water from draining usually. 

Once you have pulled your toilet away from the cabinet’s back side or the wall where it is housed, you have to identify whether there is essential space for the hose so as to drain in a usual way.  Be conscious of what you do in this major part of your toilet . This is because this part plays a leading role behind the effectiveness and the real worth of a toilet .

Many users of toilets check the sink waste soon after they get difficulty with poor or no drain function of the toilet . This is because any size of blockage in the sink waste may affect the overall performance of the toilet .  You have to check the sink waste where your toilet waste water pipe connects.  Once you have unblocked a blockage in this part, you can use your toilet efficiently.

If you have tried all these approaches, but not yet fixed your toilet problem, then it is the right time to make contact with a professional in the toilet repair services.  You have to consult with a specialist in this service and get tips regarding how to maintain your toilet properly.      

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