Toilet Not Draining

If you are not getting power to your toilet and you want a slow draining tub, do not check first for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. You can also check to see if your toilet is actually getting power by testing the power out.

If your toilet is not getting clean then it’s time to check these five things.The water should be around 140 degrees or hotter, and if it is not you can usually turn your hot water heater thermostat up to a higher setting. Next you should check the spray arm that it is not obstructed and can turn freely. You should also make sure you are loading your toilet properly. Use the recommended amount of detergent and also that the detergent is fresh (check the expiration date). Sometimes, if your toilet is not used very often, it can grow mold inside. To get rid of it just use your normal detergent and run the toilet through a cycle with no toilet.

If your toilet is having a problem draining you can check these things so that toilet Not Draining: First unscrew the top cap and see if there is a blockage; if the air gap is blocked that can cause a problem with draining. Another reason could be that your drain valve could be broken or damaged. Most toilets have a valve that should open during the drain cycle only. If the valve is clogged with food debris it cannot close properly, which would cause water to drain out during its wash cycle. If your toilet drains into your garbage disposal, listen for water draining into the disposal when it’s in the wash cycle. If you can hear it your drain could possibly be clogged.

Toilet Not Draining

Here’s what to check if your toilet door is not closing. First make sure that the latch assembly is latching properly; see that nothing is blocking the door from closing and opening correctly. Next, check the door seal. If your toilet is brand new or if you have replaced the door seal recently, it could be a little tough to close for a couple of weeks. If this problem still persists try to adjust the latch (if it is adjustable). If the latch is not adjustable there is nothing you can do right away.

Try running your toilet on the highest heat setting to help the seal fit the door better. You might just have to wait though, the door seal will fit the door over time.

In summary, I hope this toilet troubleshooting toilet Not Draining and repair guide has helped you solve your toilet problem. If not, you might want to consider calling out a qualified repair person to help you.

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