Toilet not Draining Completely – Solutions to Fix Your Problem

In case your slow draining tub is not draining properly, there are some solutions that you can apply to fix this problem. When the toilet is not draining, you should repair or replace it depending on the case. Sometimes, the problem is just with the plumbing, and not on the toilet itself. Normally, for cases of toilet not draining, there is sometimes a blockage on the way towards the drain pipe. Because of this, the blockage has nowhere to go so it comes back to the toilet.

Follow these steps to assess the situation:

1. Check out the sink and assess if it is draining. In the event that your sink is not draining, the toilet itself will not drain as well.

2. Try to run the garbage disposer with water. There are many cases in which the toilet is set up in order to drain through a garbage disposer. Whenever food build up happens in it, there is a limited space where water can freely flow. So make sure you run the garbage Recovery 

Toilet not Draining? Some Causes You Need to Address

There are many causes to why your toilet is not draining, assess the situation first before jumping to any conclusions. Are you clearing the area for where the water needs to drain? Maybe you have crowded the toilet and the water has no place to go. One thing to check also is the garbage disposal; did someone drop something down there? Maybe that is the reason why it is not working because most of the time the toilet is set up with the garbage disposal and if the pipe connecting the two is clogged then the water has nowhere to go. Go through the steps to assess the situation before you start ordering a new toilet .

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